India vs England`Stuart Broad explains how to get Virat Kohli out

A lot of discussion has already taken place regarding the rivalry between James Anderson and Virat Kohli ahead of India’s first Test match against England on Wednesday. The war of words started well ahead of the series and since then, it has been a significant battle in the overall war.
However, Anderson’s pace partner – Stuart Broad – believes that the crowd should not focus too much on the much-hyped ‘rivalry’.
“I really don’t agree with the theory that one particular bowler can target a world-class batsman,” Broad was quoted as saying by the International Cricket Council (ICC) website.
“You have to have that pressure and theatre at both ends against that sort of quality -- that’s when you get mistakes. If he (Virat)’s able to really watch Jimmy (Anderson) and play carefully but score off me, you’re taking away any advantage as a team.
“As a bowling unit, we will just have to make it as hard for all of their batsmen to score early runs, but particularly a key player like Virat. We have to try and create pressure that way,” he added.
Virat Kohli has a disappointing record when it comes to Test matches in England and during India’s tour in 2014, it was Anderson who tormented Kohli, dismissing him four times throughout the tour.
At the beginning of the tour, Kohli had laughed off queries about his form, stating that he intends to enjoy his time here rather than obsess over his individual form as long as the team does well. But, Anderson said that he does not believe the Indian skipper and the pressure will once again be on Kohli.
“For India to win here, of course it matters. Virat will be desperate to score runs for his team, as you would expect from the captain and one of the best players in the world,” Anderson said.

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