Ravi Shastri should be held accountable for India's poor show in England, Says Harbhajan Singh

Indian team has made a dismal show at the Lords cricket ground in the second test match. Criticisms and comments have been pouring from experts and former cricketers while former off-spinner Harbhajan Singh has something more to say about it.

He went all out in his criticism and said that Indian Head coach Ravi Shastri should be held accountable for the loss. Prior to the start of the tour, Shastri had boasted that his team are afraid of none and they will head to England treating it as if they are playing at home. “For us there is no away, every game is a home game because we don’t play the opponent, we play the pitch. Our job is to conquer the pitch wherever we go,” he had said before the tour.

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Now, Harbhajan has held him accountable for India’s poor show as much as the players and said that the coach might have to eat his own words if Kohli and co lose the series. “The coach has to come on record, today or tomorrow he has to speak up. He is answerable to everyone. If India loses the series, then he might have to eat his words and admit that conditions do make a lot of difference,” Harbhajan, was quoted as saying by India Today.

Meanwhile Virat Kohli has urged fans to not give up on Team India after suffering his biggest Test defeat as captain. The 29-year-old shared a picture of team in a huddle on Facebook, writing, “Sometimes we win and other times we learn. You never give up on us and we promise to never give up on you either. Onwards and Upwards.”

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