India has decided to stop the water, Pakistan said: 'India has our water..'

       Since the terrorist attack in Pulwama on 14 January, India is giving a big stroke to Pakistan by one-and-a-half. After this attack, Hindustan has decided to stop the water of three rivers Ravi, Vyas, and Sutlej, which go to Pakistan. Giving information about this, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari had said that "the water of the rights of the three rivers will be made in the project instead of Pakistan, in the Yamuna." In this way, India's response to this big decision has come from Pakistan.

     Recently, Siraj Memon, deputy chief of the Indus Water Commission, has said about this, "We have not received any information from India regarding the stoppage of water. If such a thing happens then it will be wrong. India does not have the ability to stop or curb our water. For your information, tell us that in the year 1960, India had signed the Indus River Water Treaty with Pakistan.

     According to sources, under this agreement, the sharing of water of 6 rivers was fixed and 6 rivers were those that go from India to Pakistan. In this agreement, the complete authority of water of Ravi, Vyas, and Sutlej was given to India and it was decided to give the rest of the remaining 3 rivers ie Jhelum, Chenab and the waters of Sindhu to Pakistan without obstruction.

   In addition, this agreement also gave the right to some limited use of water of Jhelum, Chenab and Indus rivers to India. In such a way, the use of water of three rivers namely Ravi, Vyas and Sutlej river in India's part may not be fully utilized in India, and therefore these three rivers also boast Pakistan's thirst.

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