Virat kohli birthday,Virat Kohli age,Image and childhood amazing story news tracker

Virat kohli birthday,Virat Kohli age and childhood amazing story news tracker
Virat Kohli birthday,Virat Kohli age and childhood amazing story  
Indian men's cricket team captain Virat Kohli turned 31 on Tuesday. And to celebrate the occasion, Superstar gave his 15-year-old a letter to touch on his journey as a man and a professional. In a note posted on Twitter, Kohli has learned many lessons in his life. Shared.
Virat Kohli mentions cricket's childhood nickname as Chiku, in the letter he addresses the importance of a journey rather than a destination.

Gunn of believing himself and always arises after the fall.

The letter is full of cases in which he urges a 15-year-old man to follow his dreams, and is not afraid to take on any challenge and worry about the many people in the world who might know him. Neither are they.

The global icon also reiterates the importance of the family and the fact that the unconditional love they receive from loved ones is unattainable.

Kohli, who is recognized as the world's best-known player. Those Parathas are said to be prepared.

Hi Chiku,

First of all a very happy birthday! I am sure you have any questions about my future. I'm sorry, but I will not answer many of them.

Because there is nothing in the store that makes every surprise sweet. Every challenge is exciting and every disappointment provides an opportunity to learn. Today you don't realize, but it's more about the journey than the destination, and the journey is super.

I will tell you that there are many good things for you in life. But you should be prepared for every opportunity that comes your way. Hold this and when you arrive and never take what is for you. You will fail, everyone makes it just promise to get up and if not try again at first.

You will be loved and loved by many. Some people do not even know you. Do not worry about them. Trust yourself

I know that you are thinking that those parents did not give you today. Nothing compares to a good hug given today, or jokes about your height. While stating this, I know that sometimes it can seem difficult. But this is because he wants the best for you. You think that our parents sometimes do not understand us. But remember this, only our family loves unconditionally. Love them, respect them and spend your time with them. Tell your father that you love him. Tell them today and make your love unbreakable.

In the end, just follow your heart, chase your dreams, be kind and show the world how great dreaming is.

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